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Custom Made 14k Gold Overlay Removable Grillz Teeth /Gold Plate Caps/ 6 Teeth Top or Bottom Fangs/6

Custom Made 14k Gold Overlay Removable Grillz Teeth /Gold Plate Caps/ 6 Teeth Top or Bottom Fangs/6

$ 129.99

IMPORTANT! (TOP OR BOTTOM ARE THE SAME PRICE). We cover the shipping and will send the mold kit for FREE . You have the option of paying at my paypal @ (

14k gold overlay removable teeth caps including the mold kit and shipping 6 teeth top or bottom.

These are REMOVABLE. so when you wish not to wear your teeth, they can be removed to maintain your natural appearance. Our caps are very unique in that they are custom made to fit your teeth. They're not a "one size fits all" product that looks fake and doesn't stay in place. These caps are guaranteed to fit "like a glove" and give the appearance of actual caps. Removable caps are caps that are individually customized to your mouth. The caps slip over your existing teeth, completely covering the original tooth. This gives the impression you have permanent silver, gold, or platinum teeth. What's nice, however, is that you can insert the caps and remove them as you wish. We design the caps to fit your exact mouth by taking what's known as an impression of your mouth The finished product results in caps that fit perfectly....they will not fall or slip out. They will only come out when you willingly remove them. From the time you complete your impression and order form, we'll have your finished caps returned to you within 9 business days.

Instructional Video & Starter Kit are included the price. Gold teeth is made to order and must be a final sale. No refund or exchange. We will fix it for you if you have any problems

We offer you FREE Beautiful Gift Box for everyone who orders.

Note to Customers:
1) Since the item is hand made, the Design might be slightly different than the picture,and also we are not responsible if gold plated item tarnished after purchasing (please try not to make the gold plated item wet, it will last long). if the color changed , no worries , please send it back , we will re dip it for you as many times as you want for only $10 each time

2)There would be no diamond or CZ stone in this piece, only DIAMOND CUT

3)This item is 14k Gold Plated and Not solid gold

No international shipping for this item.


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